Most pet owners are unaware of the importance of supplemental multi-electrolytes that provide a total complement of trace-minerals which are essential in providing sustenance for the entire body.  Keeping a balance of electrolytes is critical for the health of your pet; if one electrolyte is overly present and its counter balancing electrolyte is deficient the body will not function properly.  When your pet doesn't have enough water present in their body, they are considered dehydrated.  A pet is also considered dehydrated when they lose minerals.

Typically only the highest quality pet foods contain a balanced and safe amount of minerals.  Though these foods, along with most supplements contain many different minerals, most are not absorbed properly into the body.  The smaller the minerals the more likely they are to be absorbed by the cells.  Ionic minerals are small enough to be absorbed completely by the cells and when put into a liquid become electrically charged (electrolytes). Pet-a-bowls is pure filtered water with ionic electrolytes consisting of a total compliment of trace-minerals for your pet’s optimum hydration.

Unlike electrolyte supplements and drinks such as Gatorade, Pedialyte and other sports drinks designed for humans, Pet-a-Bowls does not contain sugar, potassium or sodium which in large doses can be harmful to pets.  Pet-a-Bowls is specially formulated for safe and healthy use as a daily source of water for your pet. 

Pet-a-Bowls® is an 8oz plastic bowl shaped container with an easy peel lid and a re-sealable plastic lid containing water infused with trace-minerals specially formulated for pets. Created for people who travel with their dogs (on-the-go dog owners), to pet friendly hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. 

Pet-a-Bowls® offers customers instant convenient hydration and nutrition for their pets in much the same way bottled water does for humans.  Because pets drink out of bowls vs. bottles, Pet-a-Bowls® is a pre-filled, re-sealable, disposable water bowl for pets on the go.  Pet-a-Bowls® is safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly (recyclable containers). 

*Serving sizes based on 1oz per lb of body weight per day divided by 4 helpings per day.  Climate, amount of physical activity and other factors may have an impact on the amount of water your pet needs per day.